New Beginning…

As I reflect upon the beginning of my new journey, I realize we have some great people here!  I am thrilled to be meeting new people and faces every day and am thankful for the opportunity to serve in this great district!  I hope to continue to meet more people and get familiar with “the little folks” and their world (my eyes are opened each day to the elementary world after being a secondary teacher/administrator).  I am ready for this ‘new beginning!’  #blessed

I have also learned that teachers enjoy having new resources thrown their way as often as possible.  I am already being asked…”how can I do…”  “how do you do this….” “I didn’t know that could do this….”  However, I am struggling with the proper medium to give out that information…{ta da! insert this site}…so I am going to give it a shot!  I am going to make this the new home of any information/links/websites/blogs/etc I come across that I feel others would benefit from.  Feel free to subscribe to it and that way you will be notified when new content is posted.  I will do my best to organize it so you can find what you want easily and quickly!

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