1st graders with Color Alive!!

Yesterday I had the privilege of introducing Crayola’s Color Alive to one of our 1st-grade classes!  This is one of our pilot classrooms with Google Nexus Tablets.  They colored their sheets and it was soo exciting to see their images “come to life.”  The students were so excited and enjoyed making their image fly, land on people’s shoulders and even make the fire-breathing dragon seem friendly!  We talk about these students being digital natives and I use that word a lot….but all of it came to life today.  I walked in thinking I knew a lot about the app and how to make it work and left being shown 3 new things the app could do because the 1ST GRADERS FIGURED IT OUT!!  They are so quick to learn and adapt when they don’t know and they are not afraid to try anything! The next step is for them to use this image and write about it in their writer’s notebook AND to post their pics on Seesaw so all their parents can see!  This hour made my whole week!  I love my job!!

Here are some pics and videos from my experience!

20151026_130451  Scanning our coloring pages… 20151026_130854 (1)

20151026_131700  Now we have come to life

and are a part of our world 20151026_133455


This video says it all…they were sooo excited (& you can see one was even a little frustrated…we worked it out though)…

One thought on “1st graders with Color Alive!!

  1. Drew Minock says:

    We love seeing students enjoy Color Alive in the classroom! I hope you do a follow up post including sharing a few of their stories!

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